Author: Karan D. - DLK Music Pro

The Keyboard Maestro – Sangah Noona

Have you ever witnessed a soul-touching musical performance? One that takes you on a journey of melody? Well, Sangah Noona is one such incredible artist who has magic in her music. A professional keyboardist and singer, Sangah Noona has mastered the art of creating soulful music. Sangah’s interest in…

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Remembering Chick Corea

Armando Anthony “Chick” Corea or better known as Chick Corea was one of the most legendary jazz artists of all time. Being an influential figure in contemporary jazz, his work inspired and touched millions of lives. Chick was a virtuosic keyboardist who had a unique flair in his music. He was one of the only jazz pianists to receive 23 Grammy Awards. Throughout his magnificent music career, which spanned over five decades.

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