Christian Sylvester Sands has recently released his latest album titled “Be Water’ which is nothing less than a masterpiece. The incredibly talented artist is one of the best jazz pianists we have ever seen. His music can truly move you and can take your senses to a whole new level. The latest album ‘Be Water’ is perfectly titled because Christian was trying exactly the same while creating his new music. The pianist has created this album with a free and flexible style thus making some truly amazing tracks! His album ‘Be Water’ on Mack Avenue Records is now out on all the major music streaming platforms.

This latest album is created with the aspects of water in mind, with the music being truly awe-inspiring and free, which is a pleasure to the senses. Christian has been a phenomenally talented artist since a very young age. He recorder his first album at the age of eleven! He started playing the piano at a very young age, and took lessons from the age of four; he commented that “I grew up with it in the house, in the classroom, and on stage so it has always been a huge part of my life” And since then there’s been nothing stopping him from creating a big name and receiving due recognition in the jazz genre. He is truly a remarkable artist with some fantastic compositions.

‘Be Water’ is an album which will make you experience some of the purest and best jazz music out there, and Christian who is Accompanied by his long-time bassist Yasushi Nakamura and more recently acquired drummer Clarence Penn, have made the melodies pour out of every tune, creating a masterpiece! Christian is a really incredible artist, as when a person can derive ideas about music from a field such as martial arts, you can guess the amount of potential he possesses. His album title ‘Be Water’ is also a result of that, as this creative idea came to him while studying martial arts. He was struck by a suggestion of Bruce Lee’s – that in order to be an effective fighter, you must be like water, adapting yourself to the shape of whatever vessel you find yourself in. And thus this became his outlook and direction while creating this fantastic album.

Christian Sands’ latest creation is an amazing combination of beautiful different instruments with the piano at the heart and core of every track. With some special effects including the sound of trickling water to oars creaking, this creation is on a whole another level. Sands is truly a wonderful artist and we expect more such awe-inspiring music from him soon. So, go ahead and experience this phenomenal album for yourself and you shall realize what a true musician can create with passion and talent.

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