Robert Lyle or better known as Bobby Lyle is a famous jazz pianist, organist, and educator. Having mastered the piano, he is known for his talent and soulful music. Bobby has been creating music in genres such as soul jazz and smooth jazz. Being a fixture in the jazz scene for over three decades, he has made a huge name for himself in the industry. 

Early Life of Bobby Lyle

Bobby Lyle was born to Robert and Elise Lyle in Memphis, Tennessee, on March 11, 1944. Growing up in a musical household, Bobby showed interest in music from a very young age. His mother, Elise Lyle, started giving him piano lessons at the age of six. By the time he was in high school, Bobby was also playing the clarinet and flute.

Bobby Lyle was also a member of the school band and continued taking piano lessons. Soon after, his talent grabbed the attention of Drummer Harry Dillon. He eventually hired Bobby to play at a private club in Minneapolis. After graduating, Bobby continued studying the piano for two years under the guidance of Donald Betts.

Music Career

In 1973, Bobby Lyle won an International Organ Competition, which was sponsored by the Yamaha Music Corp. This also gave him the opportunity to record his first album. “Bobby Lyle Plays the Electone GX707” was his debut album released in 1974. Yahama’s GX707 was the forerunner of their pared-down DX7. Eventually, in order to pursue his music career, Bobby Lyle and his family moved to Los Angeles in 1974. Soon after, he was working with “Sly & the Family Stone”. In the following years, Bobby toured extensively. 

In 1977, Bobby was able to secure a record deal with Capitol Records. This resulted in the release of three albums. This includes the classic “The Genie”. In 2013, Bobby Lyle also started his own music label titled “New Warrior Music”. Having had a wonderful music career, Bobby Lyle is a talented jazz artist who has mesmerized the world with his music. 

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