The English singer, songwriter, and actress Helen Folasade Adu or better known as Sade, is one of the most prominent and successful British female artists in the music industry. Knows as the lead singer of her eponymous Band, Sade’s work and her influence on the contemporary music scene have been highly regarded. Her services to music were recognized in the UK with an award of the OBE in 2002. With her soulful voice and unique musical style, Sade has given the smooth jazz and soul music genres tremendous contributions. She is known for her wonderful and sensational blends of funk, jazz, soul, and Afro Cuban melodies. Having enjoyed widespread fame and appreciation during the 1980s and 1990s, she has had a remarkable music career. So let’s explore the life and music journey of Sade!

Born in Ibada, Oya State, Nigeria, on the January 16th 1959, Helen Folasade Adu is a native of the Ekiti State. Her middle name “Folasade” means “Honor confers a Crown”. But professionally, she is known as Sade. Sade’s parents met in London, married in 1955, and then moved to Nigeria. However, her parents separated when she was four years old and her mother took her back to England, along with her elder brother. Soon, Sade completed her schooling at the Clacton Country High School and eventually moved to London to pursue fashion design at the Saint Martin’s School of Art. After graduation, Sade worked as a menswear fashion designer and model for some time. 

Sade’s actual music career started after she graduated from college when she agreed to temporarily perform as a lead singer for the funk band “Arriva”. Then in the 1980s, she started singing with a different band known as “Pride”. With her sensational voice and musical talents, Sade gained attention and her music achieved widespread popularity. Soon after, in 1983, she secured a recording contract with Epic Records. After a year, Sade and the band released their super-hit album “Diamond Life”. This was one of the best-selling albums of that time and also the best-selling debut by a British female vocalist. Then in 1985, Sade was amongst the performers who sang at the Live Aid charity concert at the Wembley Stadium. In the following year, Sade also secured a role in the movie “Absolute Beginners”. Her music and overall career were booming and she was one of the most prominent female British singers of that time.

The following years witnessed the release of the band’s popular albums “Stronger Than Pride” in 1988 and “Love Deluxe” in 1992. Sade then took a break after the birth of her child. Then after nearly eight years, the band reunited and in 1999, and released the album “Lovers Rock” in the year 2000. This album earned a Grammy Award for the best pop vocal album. Their work and music are still regarded to this day, and Sade’s beautiful voice continues to inspire millions. A few years later, the band also released their popular album “Soldier of Love”. Sade also went on a successful world tour in 2001, and the 2002 album “Lovers Live” showcases her musical tours and melodious creations. Sade and her marvelous voice is still regarded as one of the bests in the contemporary music scene. With her soulful and divine music, she continues to rule the hearts of millions of fans.