Larry Carlton’s music career in jazz fusion, rock, and pop is no short of big names. He established himself as a studio musician in the seventies and eighties with a stellar solo career. Over the years, Larry has worked with some big names like Joni Mitchell and Steely Dan and a host of other celebrities. Larry Carlton had his first encounter with music at the tender age of six. However, he has since been part of jazz bands like the Crusaders and Fourplay. In his studio career, he participated in thousands of recording sessions and over 100 gold-certified records. This is in addition to being featured in hundreds of albums.

Larry cites legendary musicians like Joe Pass and B.B. King as some of his biggest inspirations. Thus, it is no wonder he became famous for his electric and acoustic guitar skills. Some notable features include Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Sammy Davis Jr, Andy Williams, and Charly Garcia. These are just a few names who have called on his skills during his studio career.

Having started a solo career in 1968, he has recorded most of his tracks with his outfit Room 335. His songs have won many awards and honors, including the Grammys. More recently, Larry had the honor of composing a special birthday piece for the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej, for his birthday. He has always worked with famous instruments, both acoustic and electrical. But most recently, Larry collaborated with Sire Revolution to release his brand of electric and acoustic guitars.