Meet one of the most influential guitarists and composers of the new age, Lawson Rollins. Based in San-Fransico, Rollins developed an interest in music at a young age. He began by studying classical music, and then picked up the drums at the age of 8. However, at age 15, Rollins ditched everything for the guitar after hearing the tunes of Spanish guitar legend Andres Segovia. He rose to prominence during the 2000s, earning himself a spot as one of the “50 Transcendent Acoustic Guitarists” of all time. He brings a unique and powerful sound to the guitar, combining elements of rumba, salsa, Latin Jazz, and samba. His dexterous classical fingerstyle approach and melodic compositional skills easily make him a bonafide star.

As an American guitarist and composer, Rollins has released ten solo albums. He also has four albums to his name as a member of the Young and Rollins Latin fusion duo. His albums feature numerous renowned artists, including Charlie Bisharat, Mads Tolling, Randy Tico, and Cameron Stone. All these artists have won Grammies. Rollins’ music soars above borders, transcending geographical and cultural divisions. That’s all thanks to his unique ability to explore sounds from around the globe. This has won him an ever-growing fan base and landed him on the contemporary jazz radio charts.

Listen to Lawson Rollins today and find out why his music is celebrated all over the world today.

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