When it comes to French cover bands, Nouvelle Vague is a name you can’t ignore. Led by musicians Oliver Libaux and Marc Collin, Nouvelle Vague is known for its mesmerizing musical performances. The band derives its name from a french word, which means “new wave”. The band decided to use this name to support the “New Wave” cinema movement of the 1960s. Nouvelle Vague is known to create music in styles that represent bossa nova.

The First Album

Based out of Paris, France, Nouvelle Vague released its first album titled “Nouvelle Vague” in 2004. Musician Oliver Libaux explains how the first project came about “ Marc Collin and I were both musicians and producers in the French music industry when in 2003. Marc called me with this very strange idea of covering Love Will Tear Us Apart in a bossa nova version. I thought this idea was absolutely crazy but very exciting. So we decided to get into the studio and try it out as soon as possible.”

Music Career

Marc continues “Then, we did Just Can’t Get Enough and Guns Of Brixton. We put the album together in just eight months. And after that, we called ourselves Nouvelle Vague… and that’s the story!”. All the songs recorded on the first album were done with female vocalists. This was their first big success. The album peaked at number 69 on the French album charts, selling more than two hundred thousand copies worldwide. 

Nouvelle Vague continued to release several stellar albums throughout the course of their career. These albums include “Bande a Part”, “3”, “Couleurs Sur Paris” and many more. One of their super hit albums includes “I Could Be Happy” which was released in 2016. Nouvelle Vague also released a new EP titled “Athol Brose” in September of 2016. Throughout the band’s career, several female vocalists have been part of their live performances, which include Camille, Phoebe Killdeer, Mélanie Pain, and many more. 

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