Astrud Evangelina Weinert or better known as Astrud Gilberto is a popular Brazilian samba and Bossa Nova singer. Having sold over five million copies of her super hit track “The Girl From Ipanema”. she grabbed the attention of millions of fans from across the globe. The song release helped her gain attention in the 1960s. Astrud didn’t have any professional music experience. But her appearance at the studio while recording “The Girl From Ipanema” was due to one of the most popular Brazilian Artists “João”. He was also the singer’s husband. 

Early Life

Astrud Gilberto was born in Bahia, Brazil, but moved to Rio de Janerio at a very early age. She became very fluent in several languages as her father was a language professor. Astrud Gilberto married João Gilberto in 1959. The couple was blessed with a son soon after. Although they divorced in the mid-1960s. Astrud moved to the United States in 1963. She had no professional music experience until then. But soon after, she met Stan Getz and her musical journey began. Astrud Gilberto’s melodious and soulful voice instantly attracted the attention of the music industry.

Music Career 

“The Girl from Ipanema” was the track that earned the Brazilian samba and Bossa Nova artist a Grammy Award in 1964. She won the nomination for the Best Vocal Performance by a female. This recording established her as a successful Bossa Nova artist. This was also one of the best-selling jazz albums of that time. Having sold over one million copies, the song was awarded a gold disc. After she moved to the United States, Astrud started to build her career as a Bossa Nova singer. 

Soon after, Astrud Gilberto released her first solo album titled “The Astrud Gilberto Album”. The album was a perfect blend of Brazilian classical and ballad standards. Throughout the 1970s, Astrud Gilberto recorded several songs. These songs were recorded in various languages. These include Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese, and French. Throughout her music career, Astrud Gilberto has released several stellar tracks. She has also received the Latin Jazz USA Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1992. 

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