Have you ever witnessed a soul-touching musical performance? One that takes you on a journey of melody? Well, Sangah Noona is one such incredible artist who has magic in her music. A professional keyboardist and singer, Sangah Noona has mastered the art of creating soulful music. Sangah’s interest in the piano started at the early age of five. Since then, the piano has played an important role in her life. With thousands of fans all across the globe, her piano performances are worth experiencing. Sangah Noona also has a YouTube channel with over one hundred and eighty thousand subscribers.

Early Life of Sangah Noona

Born and brought up in Seoul, South Korea. Sangah started taking classes with well-known piano instructors at the age of nine. Her passion and interest in classical piano kept on growing. Bands like Nirvana inspired her. However, she kept her focus on learning classical piano. Soon after, she was accepted into the Dongduk Women University and the Seoul Institute of Arts. Pursing her passion, Sangah kept on improving her musical skills. Her first musical performance was in a Korean musical titled “Give Me Back My Youth”. This was performed in the Universal Arts Center, Seoul. Sangah also used to perform at hotels and started her career as a lounge pianist. 

Professional Music Career

Sangah Noona’s professional music career as a keyboardist started in 2004. She performed at the concert of Chun-hwoa Ha, who is a well-known Korean singer. The way Sangah combines her soulful voice with the piano is truly incredible. Her music has a unique flair. It takes the listener on a journey of melody. However, Sangah’s passion and love for the keyboard have kept on growing. Since then, Sangah has performed with various popular artists and toured the country. Her collaborations with several concert bands include bands like MBC, KBS, and SBS. This was until Sangah left Korea and moved to the United States in 2010. Although Sangah’s musical career has now taken a manageable pace, she still continues to create stellar music.

Sangah has also been teaching the piano since 2001. She wants to pass on her talents to anyone who has the desire to learn. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences for Sangah. Apart from her passion for music, Sangah also has an interest in aviation. She has a Private Pilot’s license and loves to fly. In addition to her music career, Sangah has also worked as the main pianist for several churches. This includes the Victory Christian Fellowship, Seoul. The Killeen Full Gospel Church, Texas. And the Community of Grace Church, Catonsville. In conclusion, Sangah Noona is an incredibly talented musician. So, go ahead and check out Sangah’s wonderful music! For more such Lounge news and information, do check out our website – DLK Lounge.

Check out Sangah Noona’s YouTube Channel HERE.

Check out Sangah Noona’s website HERE.