Louis Daniel Armstrong or often known as “Satchmo” or “Pops” was a jazz legend, who had magic in his trumpeting. He was one of the most influential jazz artists in the nineties. Louis had mastered the art of creating mesmerizing music, which made the audience experience some of the purest and bliss full jazz ever created. His remarkable career spanned over five decades, and lately, in 2017 he was also inducted into the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame. Jazz is not just a genre of music, it is an emotion that goes in through the ears and leads straight to the heart. And Louis Armstrong is one such legendary artist whose music truly soul-soothing.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louis was raised by his grandmother initially up to the age of five and later grew up with his mother as his father William Armstrong had abandoned the family. His youth was spent in poverty in a rough neighborhood which was known as ‘The Battlefield’. Even while facing hardships and a lot of struggles, Louis took up music as an escape from his problems and started to develop his skills as a trumpet player. In 1913, he was sent to the Colored Waifs Home as a juvenile, and there he picked up the cornet while playing in the home’s band. Louis had incorporated music into his life and it became his passion. And soon after, he honed and perfected his skills and started playing in Mississippi riverboat bands.

All along his riverboat experience, Louis had developed phenomenal musical skills and he began to infuse his originality and style in the music that he made. And in 1922, he moved to Chicago at the invitation of King Oliver. And by performing with Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band he was making a decent living and started to pursue a full time career in music. The band went on to become one of the most influential jazz bands in Chicago. But after some time, Louis quit Oliver’s band and decided to grow and evolve further in his music career. And at the insistence of his wife, Louis formed the “Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five”. They went on to record some of the greatest hits like “Potato Head Blues”, “Muggles” and “Hotter than That”. Over time, Louis had mastered the art of creating soulful music, and his talent earned him widespread fame.

By 1929, Louis had become a recognized and famous musician, and he moved from Chicago to New York City, where he played in the pit orchestra for the musical “Hot Chocolates”. Soon he went on to tour America and Europe in the 1930s, and by now, Louis Armstrong had developed a remarkable style and personality, and his melodies were truly a masterpiece. Some of his brilliant pieces include “That’s My Home”, “Body and Soul” and “Star Dust”. He also appeared in films such as ‘High Society’ alongside Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and Frank Sinatra. He also appeared in various other movies like ‘Hello Dolly’, for which he received three Grammy Award Nominations. In 2017, Louis was also inducted into the Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame. With his soul-soothing, rich and gravelly voice, Louis Armstrong charmed into the hearts of everyone. He was one of the most influential jazz artists of all time, and Louis Armstrong has truly given the world some mesmerizing and blissful melodies.